Benefits of Fiber

Fiber-optics is the best technology in the world for delivering internet service to homes and businesses. Fiber Internet is 200x faster than the next best technology.

Entertainment - Fiber allows you to seamlessly experience web browsing, HD video streaming, and online gaming without worrying about your connection slowing down, even at night and on weekends when everyone else in your neighborhood is also online.

Work-from-home - Work from home hassle-free. No more long waits to upload or send large files and video conference without lag time and audio and video stutter.

Communicate - Email and chat to your hearts content, send and receive family photos and video, and chat with friends and loved ones at lightning-fast speed.

Fiber optics has several advantages over traditional metal communications lines:
• Fiber has better bandwidth than traditional metal cables. They carry more data so you won’t see a reduction of speed when your neighbors are all online at the same time as you.
• Fiber optic cables are not susceptible to interference from other electrical devices or radio signals because they use digital signals (the natural form for computer data) rather than electrical signals.
• Fiber optic service is much more reliable! The cables are much thinner and lighter than metal wires, so more fibers can be bundled into a given diameter of cable. Yet they are 4-8 times stronger, making them less likely to be damaged.
• There is no fire hazard with fiber cabling because no electricity is transferred.
• When you use fiber connections, data is more secure because, unlike traditional copper wires, it is not possible to tap into a glass line without breaking it.

Fiber-optic systems are revolutionizing telecommunications! Fiber is often said to be "future-proof" because the data is transmitted at the speed of light, so the rate of the connection is usually limited by the equipment, rather than the fiber. This offers substantial speed improvements with equipment upgrades - long before the fiber itself must be upgraded.